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18V 100W 300W Portable Folding Solar Panels For Home and Car Charging

18V 100W 300W Portable Folding Solar Panels For Home and Car Charging

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Application: home and outdoors

Certification: CE

Model Number: FFSP-110M















1. We have more than ten years of experience in manufacturing solar panels and have passed many international certifications. The product is safe and reliable.
2.High efficiency with quality silicon materials for long term output stability.
3.Foldable design, lightweight, portable and space saving, suitable for camping, hiking, and can be used as a backup power source for mobile phones and car batteries.
4.The controller uses USB connection, which can reduce the current consumption and guarantee the power.
5.The surface materials are corrosion, high temperature, and stain resistant.
















Material:Monocrystalline silicon
Maximum Power(Pmax): 80W±3%
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp):18.00V
Maximum Power Current (Imp):4.44A
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.50V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc):4.69A
Nominal Operating Cell Temp.(NOCT):-45 to 80℃
Maximum System Voltage: DC1000V
Foldable Dimension:22x20x0.47(in)/54x50x1.2(cm)
Expansion Dimension:40x22x0.24(in)/100x54x0.6(cm)
Net Weight:2.4kg
Package Weight:3.1kg
Package Size:63x61x6cm
Package List:
1*80W Flexible Foldble Solar Panel(40W*2)
1*3M wire
1*10A 12Vcontroller
1*DC cable and connector
1*English User Manual

(The above data is based on the laboratory standard test environment)
For field connections,use minimun No.12AWG copper wires insulated for a minimum 90℃

Standard Test Conditions:
AM=1.5 IRRADIANCE=1000W/m2 Temp.=25℃
(The size is manually measured and there is a certain error.)
Controller support lead-acid,lithium ions and LiFePO4 battries.

Cable thickness: 2x1.0 mm²
A total of 4M long cable. With alligator clips.










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